The Process

Throughout over 30 years in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom cabinetry and storage in West Michigan, we know that every project starts at various stages. Some of our customers know exactly what they’re looking for; they have pictures, floor plans, paint swatches, and saved pictures from the internet or clipped from magazines. Others come to us with a only an idea in their mind. Here at Greenville Cabinets we simply love helping everyone create their dream kitchens, bathrooms, or custom storage solutions, no matter where they are at in their design process. This means we want you to come to us as you are and trust that we have the expertise to guide you the rest of the way.

If you haven’t scheduled an appointment with us yet, you can reach out to us HERE. If you’re just looking for more info, that’s great! Here’s a bit more about what you can expect:


First, let's understand your place and your ideas.



Next, what are your dreams and goals?



Then, we design!



Approval, Project Schedule, & Production.



Our expert installers are local, licensed, insured and experienced.


1. First, let’s understand your space.

At this stage, we'll want to get measurements. Accurate measurements are crucial for a successful cabinet project. Many other cabinet providers require you to measure your space yourself, which means if one of your cabinets doesn't fit during install, you're out of luck. But don't worry, we've got your measurements covered.

If your working on a new construction project, we understand your space may not even exist yet. Don't fret, we have decades of experience working with blueprints and together with your builder to achieve your dream space.

When you work with Greenville Cabinets, our expert consultants will take all the measurements for your project, ensuring your cabinets fit in your space, and work together perfectly.



  • Book your FREE consultation appointment.
  • Access to your space for measurements or blueprints if you're building new!
  • Your ideas! Let's get inspired together and discuss your dreams for your space.

2. Next, what are your dreams and goals?


  • Your dreams and goals
  • Your creativity
  • Your collaboration

After truly understanding your space, through floor plans or measurements, we’ll discuss key features for your custom cabinet project.

Is your main goal organization? Storage capacity? Are you looking for specific functions like pull out racks, pantries, lazy susans, or custom drawers?

At this stage, we’ll also discuss things like door styles, construction materials, hardware, and finishes. We’ll even talk with you about what type of hinges and drawer glides that will help your cabinetry and storage perform for years to come.

3. Then, We Design!

After all the measurements and inspirational discussions lead to our design of your space.

We'll lay out a 3D rendering of your custom cabinetry, countertops and any storage solutions based on your goals!  After you've spent some time with our rendering of your new space, we'd love your feedback. Our ultimate goal is to create the space of your dreams, so we want to make sure our design plans reflect your style and goals for your custom cabinetry and space.

At this stage, we’ll exchange ideas and nail down the overall design for your project.


  • Your patience as we create an amazing design for your space.
  • Your excitement as we share our design recommendations with you.
  • Your thoughtful feedback on our designs.

4. The Showroom Appointment


  • Your approval of design, products, and budget
  • Access to your space for final measurements
  • Information that might affect your project schedule: i.e. appliances, paint, construction/installation of other elements near our project, or deadlines.

After getting a clear picture of your design, we schedule a meeting for you to come to the showroom in Greenville, MI.

We block off a section of time in our showroom - sometimes up to 4 hours depending on your project - so we can sit down with you and go over ALL the details. We'll work with your to figure out details like the location of rollout trays, organizational devices, the edge profile on the doors, types of hardware, molding and trim pieces, etc.

We'll also discuss final costs, and set production and installation timelines with you. Then, one of our professionals will measure your space again. Although your walls probably haven’t changed since we measured the first time, our experience has told us it’s ALWAYS better to measure twice so we only have to “cut” once.

At this stage, it’s important that we understand your timeline, and even what else might be going on in the space while we’ll be installing your cabinets. We’ll consider things like when new appliances might be being delivered or when you’re hoping to have the space painted, and even if you have a gathering of friends and family coming up.

At Greenville Cabinets, we want every step of your custom cabinetry process to be great, so leave no detail unconfirmed before moving forward.

5. Production & Installation

After we confirm the second measurements of your space, hand drawings are made for each individual cabinet of your project. The dimensions of these drawings are then checked against the room dimensions by at least two other experienced Greenville team members.

A cabinet description and item list are created at this time. These contain all the details of the cabinet style and finish as well as a detailed description of what is going to be in each cabinet. How many shelves, door hinges, drawers, etc. We'll then provide you an itemized report. This report even includes details of the materials the cabinets are made from.

Then, our craftsmen get to work. With us, your cabinets are not made in a factory assembly line. Each cabinet is hand-crafted by one of our team of experienced cabinet makers.

Once your cabinets have been built and double checked for quality, it's time to get them into your space! Our expert installers are local, licensed, insured and experienced. For us, the design process is only as effective as your installer’s ability to see the design realized. We’ve been installing cabinets in West Michigan for over 30 years. Which means we’ve seen pretty much everything, and we can ensure your installation feels smooth and seamless. Our ultimate goal is for you to LOVE your new space and professional installation is the culmination of that goal.


  • Access to your space for delivery and installation
  • Forgiveness for any noise and dust (we’re pretty good at keeping this to a minimum, don’t worry.)
  • Delight with your new dream space!

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