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Why You Should Consider Custom Cabinetry

West Michigan custom cabinetry from Greenville Cabinet. An overhead range hood matches the dark walnut cabinet color in a upper middle class home.

Customized furniture serves a unique purpose: to fit the specific standards and criteria of the owner. It will suit the specific area the owner of the house wanted to cover. Customized furniture is measured, calculated, and evaluated before construction.

Custom cabinets ‌meet a particular size to cover a certain space. However, there are more relevant reasons that must be considered for implementing custom cabinetry:

Personalized Style

Furniture is not meant to serve a purpose solely. More often than not, the customized cabinets are decorative pieces of art that make a room more unique. In other words, a cabinet is not merely a wooden box to store food, cleaning tools, and objects. It is something to be seen and appreciated.

Therefore, a customized cabinet will guarantee its usefulness and charm. After all, customized furniture is constructed with the materials you choose, the size you prefer, and a style according to your preferences.

More Storage Space

Most kitchen cabinets fit an average kitchen. Unfortunately, there is no average kitchen in real life. Each house is unique, so certain pre-built cabinets will either leave too much ‌space or take up too much.

A personalized cabinet will eliminate this problem, taking the exact space you need. It means you ultimately gain more storage space and make the most of your kitchen space.

Better Quality

Custom cabinets are top-notch pieces of furniture. They last longer than standard pre-built cabinets because regular cabinets are mass produced in a factory. As a result, more economical materials are utilized to assemble and glue the parts of the cabinets.

We make individually customized cabinets. Therefore, attention to detail is always a priority. Any customized piece of furniture will stand the test of time.


We have already discussed the many benefits of choosing the size and aesthetic design of the cabinet. However, it is also worth mentioning that freedom of selection means a wide variety to choose from.

We are not referring to size and design. When we mention versatility, we refer to the wood type and the paint color.

When in doubt, it is wise to ask for advice from professionals. They will ‌guide and provide you with all the ‌information.


If something’s not safe, why even pay for it? Most regular cabinetries need to be placed and installed by the owner. It is no problem for people used to working with installments and DIY projects. That’s why we give our clients a list of reputable builders to contact for their project. We have worked closely with these builders for years and trust them to take care of your project. As licensed general contractors, the flooring, drywall, painting, trim and everything else associated with your kitchen/bath remodel are firmly in their capable hands.

A custom cabinet will always be installed by professionals ready to do the hard task for you assertively. This avoids potential issues when installing the cabinets. After all, it’s better to prevent hitting your fingers with the hammer, don’t you think?

Getting customized cabinetry is a turning point in the life of any homeowner. A piece of personalized furniture ultimately makes a more comfortable and unique home. Remember, a home should always be comfortable. Otherwise, it is not a home, but merely a space. Cabinets aim to fulfill the dream of your home, reflecting your style.

We manufacture custom cabinets for builders, contractors, commercial buildings, and homeowners. We are located in Greenville and serve most West and Mid-Michigan areas. Our goal is to provide comfort and efficiency when delivering and installing custom cabinets.

Call Greenville Cabinets at (616) 225-2424, and we will answer any questions.

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